Money Responsibility

I have a goal, which is to get RM8000 monthly income by March 2020. I’m supposed to believe it, feel good about it and not sweat about the how. I feel good about it, I know I can do it, but am I 100% believing it? I guess not, now that I am questioning it, right?

Let’s run a model on this. Or exercise.

“I already have RM8000 monthly income.”
How does it feel?

Natural. I feel the need to be more responsible with my money. I feel I AM more responsible with my money. In the sense that I plan ahead, and my budgets and spending limitations are more thorough. I think ahead, of “emergency meetings” and “emergency spendings”. I keep track of my spendings this time. Trying not to eat out as much because it’s wasteful and rice is actually nicer.

I don’t feel berlagak. Arrogant. Or like I’m better than other people to get that salary. Because I am responsible in my spending, I don’t feel scarce. I feel enough. I’m definitely happy to see that much amount of money in my bank account, and happy that I have more allowance to buy stuff. I’m actually just happy at the THOUGHT I can buy more stuff. I usually don’t buy stuff.

The same as I need to responsible and honour my time, I also need to do the same with money.
I am earning RM8000 monthly.

Thank you.

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