New goal!

So, the day after. It’s not officially 24 hours yet (although I don’t know how long the euphoria will last. But the better question is, why am I expecting it to wear off???).

I remember what we did yesterday, we were focusing on the issue why I wasn’t feeling good enough. And we’ve uncovered it, that no matter what I do, I will still be unhappy because the one thing blocking me was that I wanted my mom’s POSITIVE acknowledgment. Which makes total fucking sense finally. And now that he’s helped me realised that I don’t need it anymore, I can go past that, so ABSOLUTELY NOTHING is holding me back to feel 100% super duper good enough.

So I’m going to create a new page on my blog with a list of things I did that I’m proud of. And when I feel down, I’m just going to open the page and read it.

Ok, now I’m more open and agreeable to new beliefs. I have a lot of thoughts running around that I want to try everything out. But I’ll just pick one.

I want to increase my income by RM1000 incrementally each month, until I earn RM12,000 every month.

Ok, so this more of a goal. I need thoughts. What are the thoughts I need to get this goal?

– doubt. How can i do it?

But imagine if I can do it? Excited. But how?

I’m stuck at the how because I’ve never done it before. I’ve never done it before on my own. Before this I was an employee, and was promised a salary of RM10,000. Basically even then, I’ve never actually had it. It was just the potential of it.

So… that’s the result I want.

I want to have a better lifestyle, for myself, husband and my children.
I want to give back to my parents.
I want to help my siblings.
I want to get help so I can improve my lifestyle, and health.

> I CAN have a better income stream.
> I WILL have a better income stream.

Motivated. Excited. Focused. Curious. Feel good & believe it.

> Expanded. Not worry about it. I’ll get it, I got it.

Hustle. Find ways to make extra income – stocks, SoBubba, Figment. Update 7thlumen social media content. Get more clients. Secure more retainers. Meet new people. Come up with pricing plan for smaller, lower budget companies. Have packages. Revisit this goal daily, and be reminded how much I want it.

Income increased every month by RM1,000.

Saying it out loud, made me feel embarrassed asking for it. O_O

It feels like I’m demanding that amount of money. And I feel ashamed.

LOL. So the thing stopping me from truly believing I want RM12,000 a month was :
> I want to show people that I got my shit together! I want to wave my money in front of fucking Che Ap’s face and tell him I got this on my
own! I didn’t have to name drop my DAD lol

Hey, whatever works right? Hm. Not really, it let out some blockage, but I think I need work on it more.
We’ll continue soon.

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