Raise your efforts

Good morning.

So yesterday I plotted the time in my calendar to do stuff, and I’m trying… No, I want to stick to the time I’ve put in it.

One of it is journaling at 5:30am. I manage to wake up and stay up and actually feel excited although I’m super tired, my shoulders ache & I really feel like going back to sleep. Fariz cried before I managed to do anything, but that’s no excuse. I’m still journaling, starting on my phone. Oh, I hadn’t done Vasos’s questionnaire yet. It’s fine, I’ll do it after.

“If your dream seems unreachable, don’t lower your dreams, raise your efforts.”

Whatever results that I have right now, is the result of my own actions.

(My hands and shoulders are starting to ache typing like this)

What Brooke said is not easy to digest & accept, but I guess it is true. Is it?

I feel like I did a lot. Did I?

I feel like I’m hustling. But am I?

If I am, why am I still living with my mom? Because I’m not trying to move out.

Why am I still earning RM5,000 instead of RM10,000? Because I quit Billplz. Heh joke joke. Because I thought more money means more effort and time, and I didn’t like it. I wanted to be lazy. And stay lazy.

That’s harsh. I wanted to stay comfortable.

I CAN get out of my comfort zone, I’ve proven that. But I take my time to get out of it. And I take A LOT of time to get out of it. Which is delaying my vision of success.

It’s like, I’m waiting for it to happen to me.

And why is that?

I have 5 year goals that I write down. But I don’t look at it, so it’s just buried. And I forget that I wrote it. That’s really bad, because then I feel like I have nothing to look forward to or to strive for.

I’m going to put that in my calendar. Review 5 year goal every time before journaling.

But I’m a bit impatient. So for the next 3 months, I want to increase my income from RM5,000 to RM8,000.

How am I going to do that? No idea. But that’s what I want.

So I want to increase my salary RM1,000 every month.

Ooh, I wanted to lower my goal to RM500 a month. No, no, raise your efforts, Dayana.

What do you think?

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