I feel like there are a ton of things I have to do, want to do and need to do. They are just racing in my head and fighting over which needs more priority and I feel drowned.

I feel like I want to start on SoBubba, but also Figment. But I also feel like doing 7thlumen content first. And other 7thlumen works. And also my personal blog. Omg mana satu banyak nye nak buat weh!!

I tried listing down things I want, have and need to do, and allocate it… But I can’t seem to keep to the said schedule?? Then I feel bad and lousy because I can’t keep to the time I set, and I just scrap everything and feel inadequate.

But I’m going to try it again, and again and again. Until I get it and until I can stick and honour to the time I had set!

Ok, list jotting now, on Notes.

What do you think?

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