There’s not enough time in the world, is it?

I have to say, I’m a bit disappointed with myself. I’m not able to wake up early in the mornings anymore. Well, that was true last week, but I did manage to wake up this week, just that Fariz was being cranky and sick, so I had to lay in bed.

Nevertheless, still disappointed because I wanted to do 7thlumen invoices yesterday & this morning, but I didn’t. I feel like there’s not enough time in the world to do everything I need to do. I wish there was more time. I wish I was more efficient. I feel down now.

Maybe that’s why I’m reluctant to achieve RM10,000 salary target. Because I can’t manage my time properly and sticking to it, so I don’t think I can get RM10,000.

At this point, I have this burning desire to stop journaling and list down to dos and plot them in my calendar lol. But I can’t do that, no. That’s reacting. If I keep giving in to my impulses, I’m never getting anything done.

Ok, so I want to try sticking to my planned time today. Can I? Let’s try today. What do I need to do, and what do I think I CAN do today?

  • Invoice!!!
    • ERA December retainer (they’re out of hours already)
    • Akademi Al Khayr remainder
    • Rotorniaga website changes and namecard
    • Trencell
    • Grusonn Flyers invoice
  • Recap & breakdowns
    • Hockademy (to DS)
    • Serum
  • Follow up:
    • Darren’s referral – Zahir from MetroParking
    • Kam’s referral – Automation
  • Claim:
    • Mine
    • Tya
    • Syam
  • ERA Storyboard
  • Change phone screen at Empire Subang (maybe call iRepair eCurve and see if they have stock first)
  • Visit Papa at Hospital Sungai Buloh
  • Update Dr Saroja
  • Design blog
  • Set up Tya’s WordPress
  • Pay Christine & David

Oh, that’s a bunch of stuff that I want to do today. Do I think I can get it all done today? No. But I can priorities which is which.  Priority: Invoice > Recap > Follow Up > Change phone screen > Visit papa > Claims > Pay C&D.

Okay, that’s manageable. But I don’t have a me time. Well, maybe the change phone screen & visit papa. Oh, I mean me time = where I create something. Maybe I can design blog site during the commute.

Ok, let’s try plotting the time in calendar and see if it tallies.

*Plot calendar*

Hmm. I manage to fit them, and I realise I have 4 hours of not doing work stuff. 12pm – 4pm is personal things like going to lunch, change phone screen & visit Papa. Honestly, I kinda hope that he goes in surgery during visiting hours so that I have an excuse to not visit him… ? That’s mean, but… yeah. I can visit him at night. I don’t think I want to take hours off from work time any more than necessary.

Does that make me mean? Uh nak berak.

What do you think?

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