Nak gaji RM10 ribu la

But why ah? Because I think it can make my problems go away? I don’t know that. It’s a nice figure to have? I can buy a lot of things with it? I can spend RM100 a day.

I want RM10,000 salary because I’m sick of being calculative about my money. Well, I suppose I don’t really need RM100 a day to spend. Or maybe do I?

It’s not that I don’t like to be calculative of my money, it’s good to be, in a sense. So that I don’t throw it all away. Let’s do a model on this. This is so confusing, it’s like, I say that I want it, but at the same time, I’m telling myself that I don’t need it.

Maybe I need to track ALL my expenses, then calculate how much I need. I’m really avoiding this topic. This thing that I supposedly want so much, that I think about but then secretly believe that I can’t get it.

Is it because I’ve never had it.

Too far fetched? But it’s not. Up until 6 months ago, I was earning RM7,000. So it is possible to earn that much and more.

Maybe I don’t believe I can get that amount of money working on my OWN company. Maybe because it’s uncomfortable or scary because it depends on me. The money I can take away, really depends on how we run the business.

T: I think RM10,000 can solve my problems. (Is a good salary for me)

F: Reluctant. Questioning. It doesn’t feel good

It doesn’t feel good because of my thoughts.

Brooke says to get the results I want, I need to feel good. Mind the vibrations I’m giving out. 

RM10,000 is a nice number to have. And it will make me financially comfortable every month. It is the amount of money I want to make. 

Now I need to conjure up thoughts that make me feel good about that result.

R: Take home salary of RM10,000.

Why is it conjuring up bad feelings? Because I still think that it would require a lot of effort. 

There’s this feeling creeping up where I just don’t want to do anything. It’s uncomfortable, and I can feel myself trying to fight it or suppress it.

In my head, it’s a lot of money == a lot of effort, time. Maybe effort, yes, but not necessarily time. Is time equals to effort? No. No it doesn’t. In the case of my dad, I can spend time with him, but I’ll just be there doing nothing. Or I can put in effort to find solutions or information and also go comfort him.

F: Gracious.
A: Putting out value to the world.
R: Take home salary of RM10,000.

To attract this amount of money, I need to feel like I already have it. To already have it, I need to be accepting and happy where I am.

Am I happy, where I am. With RM5000? Yeah. Yeah I do. I would like more. But it’s not like I’m struggling with just RM5,000. I want more so I can help more. But Bill Gates said, I don’t have to wait to be rich to help someone.

What do you think?

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