Thought Download 19.11.2019

There’s a heaviness in my body, this morning. I’m not sure if it’s because of the lack of sleep, overthinking, work, sadness or whatever else lahhh. But I’m definitely feeling very tired today. Lately, actually. It’s been a few days. Of tiredness.

I want more money. Could it be that the prices we’re charging our customers are unconsciously our way of pushing potential customers away?

What do I feel when I say I want more money? I think like I’m not feeling anything because I’m just feeling tiredness. But actually there was a feeling of longing, but not in a good way? It’s like… longing for something that I know I’m not getting. But I manage to catch it, so I guess there’s room for improvement?

And then suddenly I think I’m not thinking anything. But in reality, I’m just pushing things/thoughts away. I want to get on with the day. I want the day to be over, but the date has just only started.

I want to sleep. Deep, deep sleep.

I want to schedule one weekday where I sleep.

What do you think?

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