TD Business Goal: Day 6

7thlumen business goal: Achieve a revenue of RM1Mil from Feb 2019 – Feb 2020, to pay overhead & be profitable.

How do I feel about this today? I feel sleepy, is it because of the Nefful inner tudung? Today I don’t really feel the goal. Today it’s another sentence for me. Ok, actually not today la. As of right now. As of right now, it’s just another sentence.

And that feels slightly better, lighter. Just changing from “today” to “as of right now”, takes an invisible rock off of me. Amazing. Maybe because the word “today” will set the course of what I will feel throughout the day and I’ve already chosen to feel “meh”. Whereas, “as of now”, is my feelings right this moment. The “meh” feeling is just right now, and I have the power to change it.

And I’m looking to feel good for the rest of the day.

Reading back the goal, it’s now, “Yes, I can do it. I can get RM1million”.

But I’m still sleepy, god damn it.

What do you think?

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