TD Business Goal: Day 5

7thlumen business goal: Achieve a revenue of RM1Mil from Feb 2019 – Feb 2020, to pay overhead & be profitable.

We presented our proposal just now, and I have more confidence in achieving that RM1mil goal. Whether Seran engages with us or not. I don’t know why, but I just felt more confident.

Why? What changed? What thought changed?

Is it because of the response? They didn’t reject completely?

Ok, now a bad thought is starting to creep in. That the proposal was only successful because of the stylescapes, which is Syam’s work.

I guess in a way it’s true. The visual played a big part in it. But I chose the colour scheme. I showed what needed to be made. I briefed him on target. I did the slides. It’s not about who did what more, who did better, it’s what we did TOGETHER.

Business is like marriage. It’s not a competition, it’s a marathon.

How to get RM1 million revenue? Get more clients, sure. We need 2 more clients on a retainer contract, to be comfortable. But what are the obstacle?

Staff. Time. Because we’re doing most of the work, we don’t have enough time. And because we don’t have enough time, we can’t make more money. It’s a chicken and egg situation. It’s something that we have to break from.

I feel a whole lot more confident in achieving that goal. Something from my mindset has changed, it probably had something to do with the presentation earlier. What exactly, I’m not too sure.

Probably it was just the fear or pressure of presenting.

All in all, this is a good daily exercise.

What do you think?

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