TD Business Goal: Day 2

7thlumen business goal: Achieve a revenue of RM1Mil from Feb 2019 – Feb 2020, to pay overhead & be profitable.

Maybe I don’t believe we can make it. Because, I keep thinking, “how?”. How will we get that much amount? Buat rasa susah hati lagi.

Will be in stages? Will be in lump sum? If it’s in stages, how will I know when we’ve hit the mark? Or do I want to see RM1 million in the bank to feel it?

Because if it’s RM1 mill in stages, I think we’re somewhere in the RM200k. Although we are slowly getting there, but because we’ve struggling month to month, it’s makes it stressful and frustrating.

The profit goal I wrote was RM500k for 1 year. We’re nowhere there. And if I were to calculate it, I’ll most definitely feel disappointed.

I don’t know if we’re going to reach that goal. When we won ERA pitch, I still think it’s just luck. And that ERA dah malas cari orang lain. That’s why.

It’s like we’re incapable of getting new clients. New thought discovery. Either we don’t know how to, or we are unconsciously rejecting or pushing new clients away. Unconsciously sabotaging potential clients, by not taking proposals seriously.

Like Seran ni, tak buat2 lagi. SimplySiti, we postponed for so long and didn’t know and purposely not doing it. And only did it at the VERY last minute. 

We’re only just focusing on ERA, with the excuse that they’re paying us. But by doing that, we’re shutting down or narrowing our income stream. It’s frustrating.

We need to get a new, experienced designer soon. So we can eliminate the “excuse” of takde time.

What do you think?

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