TD: Feeling like I hadn’t done enough

Why does everyday I feel like I’m not doing anything? Or I don’t do enough?

T: I didn’t do anything today

F: Restless, irritated. Disappointing

A: Thinking about what could’ve done

R: Being distant and distracted. Want to be alone.

But that’s not true. I did do things. Maybe I’m disappointed that I thought I could finish the job, but I didn’t.

I think actually itu yg bothers me.

Like, I’ve set time aside to do something, but I don’t get it done on time. Goes into others.

And then I beat myself up for not sticking to the allocated time.

It’s because you wanted to do a good job. You want it to mean more than just your sister-in-law’s ecommerce website. You want it to be your case study. Your portfolio. That’s why.

It’s not about you hadn’t done anything. it’s actually something else.

You wanted to prove your worth.

What do you think?

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