Changing my thoughts on BNI

So I joined the BNI group. Privilege, Puchong branch. But I’m not excited about it now.

It’s not just with BNI; it’s with other things as well. It’s like… I feel excited at the moment, and when it passes, it’s like, meh. When I remember it back, it doesn’t feel as exciting anymore. It just feels like any other uneventful moment in my life.

For example the woodworking class, the PACE business network. I definitely learn something from those classes, but I couldn’t recreate the feeling of ‘excited-ness’ from that moment. Is that normal?

How can I feel the sense of excitement going to EuroTrip? Switzerland?

I actually, I don’t. I don’t feel a sense of excitement when I look through photos of our EuroTrip. I felt a sense of longing. Of wanting to go back.

I guess it really just about my thoughts of it. I thought Switzerland was beautiful and pictured myself seeing the view every day. So the feeling I had was to miss it and to want to go back. I even feel it now as I type.

Ok, what about BNI then?
I can think of a few reasons why I’m not excited. Because it starts at 6:30 am, all the way in Puchong, I have a small baby, and they’re like 85% Chinese, 14.9% Indian and 2 Malays. Lol. I guess I have that reservation, would I actually get business from them?

I might need to do a model on this. But how ah? What do I want to achieve?
I want to feel excited and looking forward to mingle and meet new people. I want to be confident introducing myself and my company to other people. I want to be better at explaining what I do. And from all of that, I would like to get feedback on how to improve myself and also get new businesses.

So there’s the model.

C: I’m in BNI.
T: I want to make new connections.
F: Intimidated, but willing.
A: Go and introduce and talk to people about anything. Not just business.
R: People know me better and trust me.

What do you think?

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