The great revealing

I'm pregnant again

I’ve kept mum about my 4th pregnancy ever since I found out about it, which I think was about a week or two after we got back from our Europe trip.

I had denied every remark about being pregnant from my siblings when we were in London. I was constipated, so I attributed my stomach’s bloatedness to the fact that I hadn’t shat in a week. I didn’t cross my mind (I totally shoved it aside) that I might be pregnant.

I didn’t have morning sickness or any of the sorts. Well, ok, I’ve always had easy pregnancies, even if I had uneasiness, it’s very very mild and only for a short while. But this time, I had no signs at all.

I had a suspicion that I MIGHT be pregnant (but I denied it, of course). I mean, look at this checklist, I ticked it all off:

  • My milk supply was fine, no drop. Usual yield
  • My tummy wasn’t bumpy and it was flat when I lie down
  • My nipples don’t hurt when breastfeeding Faliq. (Ok, maybe it did a bit, but I was already used to the pain so I ignored it)
  • No mengada (being picky) about food or stuff.
  • I’m still at my normal weight

I tell you, this baby was sneaky. Yeah, my husband did comment that my tummy looked bigger and I ate more, but then again, I memang eat a lot.

Then I got impatient because I wasn’t pooping satisfactorily. So I massaged my tummy, and I felt movements. I remember telling myself, “Let that be shit, let that be shit.” But the second time it happened about a day or two later, I had to go buy a pregnancy test kit.

And I didn’t even have to wait for the test to come up with the result. The line showed up almost as soon as my urine touch the tip. Yep, I’m so pregnant.

Judging from the visibility of my tummy and weight, I presumed that I’m about 2-3 months pregnant. Then I went to panic mode because it meant I only have 7 months to put aside money for hospital fees (not like I want to birth in a hospital), hiring a confinement lady and buying the herbs and stuff.

Then fast forward to 6 May, while I was at my dad’s place, I had a pains on my left side. I thought it was because I wasn’t sitting properly while sewing beads on the BA baju rayas. I just massaged it and put ointments and minyak panas.

The next day, I had fever. 38c and it lasted about 2-3 hours. It went away after, but the pain on my left side was still there. Then 2 days later, I had another round fever, but this time is was bad.

I shot up straight to 41c and my I was shaking all over. I was so worried that I would either get seizures or muscle spasms. Had my husband buy me coconut water. The shaking lasted about 30 minutes after sapu air asam jawa on my forehead, feet and back (to cool me down). I made the earliest appointment I could the next day, and found out that the pain was caused by kidney infection.

AND I found out I was already 20 WEEKS pregnant!! (That’s 5 months!! Not 2-3 months!)

That was on 10th May.

My family only knew about it June 2nd. (Except my 2 sisters, they knew before then). And THATTT was only because my grandma came over and she saw the bump while I was walking  that I had all this while successfully managed to hide (thank you, Sun, for casting an obvious shadow), touched my tummy. T__T

No point in hiding then. Tummy’s not flabby, so I can’t say it’s fat.

So then I knew I had to tell my mom on the same day, or I’ll be dead when she finds out about if from someone else. I had Syam tell her later that evening. She just rolled her eyes and bebel2 la.

That night she told my sister about it (Aida obviously already knew it), and she did mention that we’re going to have to leave the house. 4’s too much, she says. Lol.

We’re going apartment hunting.

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