Being in the present

Being in The Present

Earlier today I was listening to Ep #9 – It Doesn’t Get Better Than This, where Brooke Castillo explains about her new understanding of “being in the present“. Which – I’m glad that she admits – she never quite could get her head around it, because I sure as hell didn’t know what I was supposed to do / feel.

So one of the things about LoA that’s hard to make sense of, is that you can’t want something you don’t already have? Note the question mark, it’s not a typo. It’s something I heard on one of the podcasts, I can’t remember if it was Brooke Castillo’s or Jess Lively’s. It could be something I pieced together from both podcasts. But it was really hard to grasp. I mean, why would I want something that I already have, right? It turns out, wanting something I don’t have, results in resistance towards the thing that I want. It’s confusing, I know. But after listening to a lot of LoA podcasts, it will make sense – I just don’t know how to explain it well.

So, the podcast talks about being in present, that she got from a book she was reading with her students. There’s a line that goes:

Being aware of the present moment simply means you never believe the illusion that the future is going to be better than what is going on right now.

– Mateo Tabatabi, author of Mind-Made Prison

This is key. This is gold. This is an eye-opener.

In the podcast episode, Brooke focused on happiness and how we have a “happiness bar” that doesn’t expand or shrink. So if we’re not happy with how we look today, it’s unlikely that we’ll stay happy in the future when we achieved “the look” that we think will make us happy.

I had been playing this new understanding in my mind the whole day, and honest  to God, it really didn’t leave my thoughts. Which is unusual because I usually don’t hold a thought for so long, so this must be really important.

I have a goal that I want to achieve. That goal is to earn extra income so that I can put aside savings. I planned to start doing so after I get an extra RM3500/month (I even did Excel sheet calculations for savings and budget). And later at night, in my half-zombie super sleepy state, I realised I’m NOT going to receive that extra income if I think the future (the yet to come RM3500) is going to make be feel fulfilled.

So I took the “happiness bar” concept and tweaked it to fit my goal. If i don’t start saving with what I have now, I’m not going to receive that extra income, because I’m actually resisting the extra income, by saying I’m going to wait until I get extra income to start. I’m not convincing myself and proving to the universe that I’m ready to receive an extra RM3500/month to save, so I probably won’t get it.

What I must do now, is start with my current income. Break through the resistance of waiting for it to come to actually do something.

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