Daily Gratitude #2

  • Abundance comes in a lot of ways, not just wealth but also time. So don’t stress out if your baby is taking too much of your time & you won’t have time to do work (that’s a blocking mindset!). Give time to your baby, and you will be given time get work done.
  • It’s stated in Quran, “ask and you shall receive”. Allah is the Universe. I’m grateful to come across this abundance awareness and be connected spiritually in Ramadhan, because there are no Syaitans to influence me otherwise. If there are negativity, it will be my own.
  • Abundance proof: For buka puasa, mama made bubur daging and fried some karipap. It’s not a lot, and it doesn’t look filling, but I was so full my the end of the meal, I couldn’t even finish the karipap and I only had a bit of bubur. Slightly ashamed that I had scarcity mindset of “takkan ni je”, but it was actually MORE than enough.

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