I misplaced my Beats headphones, fuck

And here I am. Typing away because I’m out of book to write in and I don’t want to use the other Leuchtturm I have. I’m going to browse online for books to order. I like the Muji one, but it’s RM15.90, a bit too pricey. I’m going to Popular anyway, so I’ll just check […]

Daily Gratitude

8 June 2018

  • Finished the damn EDM. Learnt something new though, so I’m not complaining.
  • Made Ruby juices and kept them in breastmilk storage bags to freeze it. So I don't have to juice everyday. Ingenious.
  • Got free cookies from Tya
  • Ate out with the kids
  • Remembered things that made me sad in my childhood, and I didn’t know how to move forward past it. Then came across Brooke Castillo’ podcast and I understand that what happened to me, needed to happen.
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Recent Ramblings

Letter #4

Dear Future Dayana, I feel shitty and bitter today, and it’s completely not fair to my family. I realised I feel embarrassed or just plain silly to look at myself in the mirror and give praise or good words. And I feel ashamed to share my vision or goals with…

Letter #3

26 August 2019 (Monday) Dear Present Dayana, I understand what you're feeling all too well. After all, I went through it too. At this point I know you feel disappointed and down, mainly with yourself. And I say it's perfectly ok to feel so. But remember that this will pass.…