Thought Download 19.11.2019

There’s a heaviness in my body, this morning. I’m not sure if it’s because of the lack of sleep, overthinking, work, sadness or whatever else lahhh. But I’m definitely feeling very tired today. Lately, actually. It’s been a few days. Of tiredness. I want more money. Could it be that the prices we’re charging our […]

Daily Gratitude

8 June 2018

  • Finished the damn EDM. Learnt something new though, so I’m not complaining.
  • Made Ruby juices and kept them in breastmilk storage bags to freeze it. So I don't have to juice everyday. Ingenious.
  • Got free cookies from Tya
  • Ate out with the kids
  • Remembered things that made me sad in my childhood, and I didn’t know how to move forward past it. Then came across Brooke Castillo’ podcast and I understand that what happened to me, needed to happen.
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Recent Ramblings

Nov 15, 2019

Ever since my dad was admitted to the hospital, I didn't know what to feel. I didn't know what to think. I didn't know if I should feel sad. I know by right, by basic, normal human standards, I would feel sad. And I probably did, but I didn't want…

TD Business Goal: Day 7

7thlumen business goal: Achieve a revenue of RM1Mil from Feb 2019 – Feb 2020, to pay overhead & be profitable. Today I feel like I didn’t get much done, so I’m sort of apathetic towards the goal. Or maybe because it’s already the end of the day, where as I…